Mission and Vision

Our vision is to become a world class research organization using latest research tools to solve societal problems.

Our values are critical to our success. At world merit consultancy limited, merit define who we are, and distinct ourselves from our competitors. Our distinct values however includes:

Strenghts & Strategies

Our strategic plans revolved around a core believe that everyone has a potential; which is highly untapped in Nigeria. Universities, polytechnic, Monotechnics, Colleges of Education and Research Institutions are bound with quality human resources. Most of them became idle due to lack of proper utilization by their schools,

Merit Family

In Merit World, we appreciate everyone we meet in our line of operation irrespective of the capacity of engagement. This is based on the philosophy of impacting on ourselves even if it’s just a minute we spent together. This will translate to a huge network on which WMCL tap in as a marketing strategy. To this end, we define the roles

Our Services

  • Training
  • Scientific and engineering investigations
  • Research Writing
  • Research development
  • Research management
  • Research financing/ Sourcing of research grant
  • Outsourcing of research tools and manpower


Upcoming Events

SN                              PROGRAM CODE
1 Research coordination and management RCM01
2 Modern data gathering and analysis for organization goal MDA02
3 Role of internet in modern research RIM03
4 You and your research in postmodern era YRP04

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Merit Group

To achieve the core mandate of WMCL, two organizations are been considered to work as a team. These organizations have a clear mandate and are specifically created to fill a gap which may make WMCL lose focus of its activities. The responsibility of these organizations rest solely on educating less endowed, support kids right from their infancy and give a platform for individual donor, donor agencies as well as organizations to invest rightly on the less privileged.

Merit Academy

MISSION: This Academy is aimed at coordinating all trainings to support different classes of less privilege people in the society. It is to train, integrate and provide a better future in an atmosphere devoid of discrimination.

VISION: This Academy hoped to be a world class institute where quality of training of formal and informal training are provided. And  to integrate people of diverse background in a common platform where all are equal

Merit Foundation

This foundation is an arm of World Merit Consultancy Limited which is aimed at implementing one of the cardinal principle defined in the scope of operation of WMCL.  It will coordinate all activities of MERIT ACADEMY on one hand and humanitarian activities of the foundation on the other hand. The operation and funding of the academy have been defined in academy’s mode of operation while the humanitarian aspect will also be part of the Academy’s responsibilities

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  • Two
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