June 2024

Merit family

In World Merit, we appreciate everyone we meet in our line of operation irrespective of the capacity of engagement. This is based on the philosophy of impacting on ourselves even if it’s just a minute we spent together. This will translate to a huge network on which WMCL tap in as a marketing strategy. To this end, we define the roles and responsibilities of every one in our family for collective goal.

We are seasoned researcher, academician, professional and manager of human and their intellectual property. Our track record is a resource that we use to solve several problems ranging from academic to research. Other people that work with us are describe below;

Our Clients

Our target audience is potential ready-made market; they constitute a great percentage of postgraduate student, research organization and development partner. This is because, a larger percentage of postgraduate program’s failure in Nigeria are at research stages. Experience has shown that, lack of planning and research coordination is responsible. A paper presented at the 8TH annual national conference of College of Business and Management Studies Kaduna Polytechnic, 2015 examined the basic causes of research failure in Nigeria and proposed a further study to identify the prevailing factor. Ironically, the identified problems are found in all related institutions in Nigeria. Our target audiences are



                                           Research Organizations

                                           Funding Agencies

                                           Cooperate Organizations

                                           Development Planners

                                           Development Partners

                                           Government Agencies

In order to make a fruitful impact in this endeavor, our believe and philosophy is not enough until our clients believe or made to believe in

  • Data for decision
  • Knowledge reservoir in taking decisions,
  • Improving service delivery and efficiency
  • Want to remain relevant
  • Has a big vision
  • Continuously seeking best solutions between two or more organizational decision
  • Believe in practicable and sustainable blue print on developmental issues

Brief us today about your problems, we will investigate, research and come up with workable and sustainable solution(s).

Our Partners

Our partners are academicians and professionals who have distinguished themselves in their chosen carriers. We recruit our partners on a continuous basis and with effective networking we encourage others who

  • Can carry out engineering investigations
  • Can conduct research
  • Master of of particular software
  • Are distinguished programmer
  • And any skill Whatsoever

We tap into people’s experiences, network with the needy of those experiences and put everyone to smile.