Our strategic plans revolved around a core believe that everyone has a potential; which is highly untapped in Nigeria. Universities, polytechnic, Monotechnics, Colleges of Education and Research Institutions are bound with quality human resources. Most of them became idle due to lack of proper utilization by their schools, industries and organizations. This is partly a problem of civil service rule, lack of vision by agencies to tap into the resources and lackadaisical attitude of corporate organizations in Nigeria. This pool of resources is core in our strategic plan of action.

On the other hand, data planning, data gathering, data analysis and data storage are integral part of our strategic plan. In this case, we want our record to speak for us and it is a measure of performance for anybody who at any stage participates in our activities. Data are collected at every stage of our operation to assess our performance and take decision on how to improve our next outing. This makes it easy for us to continuously perform better than before. Everyone who participates in any of our program is therefore a potential marketer.

               SWOT Analysis


Our strength is lies in:

  • pool of knowledge
  • experiences over the years and our primary goals
  • focus on human capital development from the grassroots
  • pool of experts and professionals inputs
  • networking


Strengths are valuable, but it is useful to realize the weaknesses. We have identified some of our weaknesses as follows:

  • cost factor associated with keeping state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • we are new in town
  • start-up challenges
  • limited operating capacity during peak sales periods


  • Increase in number of postgraduate student enrollment in Nigeria
  • Increase in number of higher institutions in Nigeria
  • Renew mandate of research organizations on internally generated revenues
  • Growing access to information technology which increase data gathering potential and analysis
  • Economic down turn which necessitates every organizations looking best resources utilization, allocation and return on investment.
  • Our belief is that there are several potential areas organizations are not looking at to break even in their businesses.


Threats to WMCL business include:

  • Slow recovery process of the economy from the current economic crisis
  • Change in the business environment that will reduce the projected number of new client and service rendered
  • Higher taxes in the future that may affect all inputs into our pricing policy
  • The commercial property is leased, not owned by our company
  • Tight credit times, higher interest rate, and higher inflation rate than predicted.


our strategic objective is to define all aspect of our operation in a way to make relationship between our partners, resource persons, clients and all support services have a memorable and fruitful engagement. To achieve our strategic objective, the following define our approach

Sales and Marketing Strategy

With stating time as a team in 2015, our philosophy on data for every occasion and everyone in contact with us as our potential marketer, the service will increase every year so also the sales. With a projection of two organization clients in 2016 and average of 50 contacts in execution of the project, our service will at least convince our client that we are reliable to be given another work. Each contact either in his individual capacity or on recommendation will provide a client. It is evident that in 10 years, WMCL will not only become a super competitor but achieve a household name in this area of consulting businesses.


Pricing Strategy

A template has been designed to help each project manager price a specific project. Price is not fixed but is determined based on fixed template. This template has been designed as software to help project manager fixed in the variables and come up with appropriate pricing. This on other hand specifies the difference between individual clients and organizations.


Sourcing Strategy

We are familiar with our environment as such it dictates who to work for us now, later or never. As a major focus of our company, professional resume is our primary ticket to outsource manpower. This is followed by demonstration of competency on job and ability to convince all. All stakeholders in the project will rate both the content and personality of the outsourced personnel. The data obtained in this process will determine the suitability or otherwise of the person outsourced. The same procedures are bound for outsourced materials and equipment.


Location and Facility

WMCL gives client opportunities to make choice on the facilities for a particular project and If the facilities are not available by the client, we source for location and/or facilities. It is our goal to have a facility that take care of all projects we are involved in the nearest future.