Merit Group

To achieve the core mandate of WMCL, two organizations are been considered to work as a team. These organizations have a clear mandate and are specifically created to fill a gap which may make WMCL lost focus of its core mandate. The responsibility of these organizations rest solely on educating less endowed, support kids right from their infancy and give a platform for individual donor, donor agencies as well as organizations to invest rightly on the less privileged.


Merit Academy

MISSION: This Academy is aimed at coordinating all trainings to support different classes of less privilege people in the society. It is to train, integrate and provide a better future in an atmosphere devoid of discrimination.

VISION: This Academy hoped to be a world class institute where quality of training of formal and informal training are provided. And  to integrate people of diverse background in a common platform where all are equal and have equal opportunity.



This Academy Hopped to have training facilities from kindergarten to nursery to primary and secondary schools. These schools will be run as a home first for motherless babies but member of the community can also bring their ward in order to have a complete set up devoid of discrimination. This will also go for both the nursery, primary and secondary. At the end of primary six, all pupils will be registered and subjected to national examination for placement in federal schools. Those under the complete care of the academy will be released to go to any federal schools under the care of the Academy. Their breaks will be spent in the Academy for summer schools and evaluation. If satisfied with their performance, the student continues otherwise the academy will bring them back for proper care. Those under the care of their parent will also be assisted.

Following the Nigerian education system, after the basic schools the evaluation of the student both within and without will determine their placement. Therefore, the vocational part of the Academy will take control of those who can’t continue normal academic work. For this category of people the academy will work with these classes of student to get certified.

For those who perform excellently in external exams, the academy will take full responsibility of their schooling up to senior secondary school. After the secondary, the academy will look for prospective sponsor for those who perform well to pursue their choice of courses in higher institution. And those who fell out after secondary school are also welcome back to the Academy for further vocational training.

In general, the academy will monitor and continuously given support to anybody who passes through it up to the point of sustainability.



The Merit Academy will be finance in part from proceed of WORLD MERIT CONSULTANCY LIMITED and through other machinery provided by it. Other businesses through the supervision of WMCL will be established to keep the Academy moving. These businesses includes (But no limited to)

  • Opportunity to all beneficiary to have a share of their produce for vocational and entrepreneurship
  • Engage the Merit Academy member in Agro-Allied businesses
  • Others.


Merit Foundation

This foundation is an arm of World Merit Consultancy Limited which is aimed at implementing one of the cardinal principle defined in the scope of operation of WMCL.  It will coordinate all activities of MERIT ACADEMY on one hand and humanitarian activities of the foundation on the other hand. The operation and funding of the academy have been defined in academy’s mode of operation while the humanitarian aspect will also be part of the Academy’s responsibilities


The humanitarian work will be in two ways:

  1. A candidate at any stage admitted to the MERIT ACADEMY by virtue of been an orphan, motherless,  disaster and less privilege in our society
  2. Other emergencies and humanitarian needs



ALL candidate enroll into MERIT FOUNDATION by virtue of care through the foundation will be duly registered all known information will domicile in the foundation database. This information is classified and only some selected officers have access to this information for the protection, security and non-discriminatory policy of the foundation. All member of merit family are equal and are treated equally and fairly as well. They are supported from the point of contact to the foundation and given all necessary assistance to the point of sustainability

The culture of support and assistance enjoyed by the beneficiary of the foundation is encouraged, this means after the journey through the Academy, the candidate can serve as volunteer or as a staff to assist the current member of the Academy.