About Us

December 2021

World Merit Consultancy Limited

We are a group of young energetic and dynamic researchers charting a new course on how decisions are been taken in our daily activities. The 21st century comes with sophistication that go beyond ordinary speculations. To make it in this postmodern era, there is need to evolve new strategies that match the era we find ourselves. Doing things differently and efficiently will reduce cost, improve efficiency and bring more profits. We can help you solve that problem giving you sleepiness night with pool of local, national, international and diaspora experts who have distinguished themselves in their chosen carriers.

A group of seasoned researchers that can break new grounds will provide you with research focus, research information, research tools, design of experiment, proposal writing for academic and research grants, data collection, data analysis, thesis and research writing, research organization, research budgeting, research financing and research marketing. Our basic trust lies on two fundamental questions

                   Where are you?

                   Where do you want to be?

We will fill the gap between these two questions by asking you another question,

                 How can we help you get there?

Our overall objective is to provide you with services that will help you achieve your aim in grand style.


  1.    To attract the attention of people and organizations who believe in improved service delivery through continuous assessment and manpower development.
  2.    To become a reference of standard in training and manpower development through workshops, seminars and conferences
  3. To become a hub in research input sourcing
  4. To be a reliable link for outsourcing of professionals in research and human development
  5. To be a strategic partner for individuals and organization working towards educational development


Our mission is to become a world class corporation that provides excellent service in education resources, human development, research activities and management through effective and sustainable utilization of resources.


Our vision is to become a world class research organization using latest research tools to solve societal problems.



Our values are Trust and Merit which are ingredient that propel our actions and operation. It is indeed critical to our success.  At World Merit Consultancy Limited, merit define who we are, and distinguish us from our competitors. Our distinct values however includes:

  • Performance Excellence. We act as a responsible owners whose intent is to meet or exceed expectations of our various clients.
  • Teamwork. We work as a team, a trait dictated by our callings and succeed as a team with trust and loyalty.
  • Integrity. We treat ourselves, and our stakeholders with dignity, respect, honesty and good ethical behaviors. These qualities are our fundamental characteristics that define us and our business.

WMCL offers residents both the local, regional and international clients a robust package that will not only improve its service delivery but provides a better platform for competitiveness. We are committed to providing quality services and values that surpass the expectation of our customers.

WMCL will deploy its strategies, use its staff and available resources to provide each customer with a robust customer service experience e.g. service product, service environment and service delivery.  Each service are define to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Keys to Success

Our keys to success are:

  • Excellent services that will build and maintain customer loyalty.
  • A business location that will assure high company visibility and a high flow of customers.
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement and total quality services.


What we do

  1. Education Resources Consulting
  2. Training and Manpower Development
  3. Research Coordination and Management
  4. Workshop, Seminar and Conference organization
  5. Journal and Book Publication
  6. Data, Modelling and Simulation
  7. Local and Foreign Admission
  8. Guidance, Counseling  and Mentorship for students in foreign land